Telemedicine for assisted living facilities

Assisted Living facilities will benefit from the convenience and preventative care provided by iDocsWeb. Patients will no longer require coordinated transportation to off-site physicians.

iDocsWeb for Assisted Living allows patients to access their physicians from the safety and comfort of their living quarters. Instant access to iDocsWeb Specialists eliminates the need to wait months for appointments. This allows both patients and physicians to receive efficient preventative care.


Doctor consultations from the comfort of their rooms

Residents can meet their doctors via Telemedicine from the comfort of their rooms. It saves hours of time in preparing, traveling, and waiting for their appointment.

Access your own doctors and nurse practitioners

Our telemedicine platform enables you to access your own providers in real-time during regular office hours.

Preventive care

During evening hours and weekends you can access our physicians via telemedicine. This eliminates visits to urgent care or emergency, protecting seniors from exposure to secondary infections.

Access our board-certified specialists*

iDocsWeb provides access to board certified specialists via telemedicine. The specialties include wound care, psychiatry, neurology, infectious diseases and others.
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