Telemedicine for urgent care facilities

Urgent Care operators are frequently challenged with an unexpected influx of patient demand. Doctors are often at one location experiencing a slow day while waiting rooms in a nearby town are beyond capacity. iDocsWeb for Urgent Care offers modern solution to this age-old problem by allowing doctors to treat patients regardless of their physical location. This results in a better balanced, more efficient care environment.

Urgent Care operators will also benefit by offering their patients follow-up care consultations through the use of our telemedicine platform. Last but not least, operators are able to extend coverage to remote areas once thought too far for patient commutes.

How it works?


Urgent Care Facility receives an unexpected influx of patients without adequate doctors on site.


Nurse requests doctor assistance from alternate location.


Nurse measures vitals and initiates telemedicine call using iDocsWeb.


Doctor joins telemedicine session and interacts with patient and nurse.


Patient demand is satisfied reducing wait times and restoring balance.


Patient is offered the option of Telemedicine for follow-up.

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