Covid-19 Update

Reduce COVID-19 cross-infection risk:

Dear valued partner,

With the current surge in COVID-19 cases, we encourage facilities to take the following steps to reduce unneeded exposure to your residents. Please take the following appropriate steps

  • Use telemedicine for eRounding and individual consults to limit exposure from outside providers
  • Encourage nursing staff to reach Dieticians/Nutritionists via telemedicine for meal plan adjustments and reviews
  • Behavioral health providers may use telemedicine to limit exposure within the facility
  • Use iDocsWeb Family Member application for family interactions
  • Consider using telemedicine for your infection control programs

If your facility is currently utilizing a COVID Unit, we encourage providers to limit in-person interactions by using telemedicine even when they are within the facility.

Dr. Suresh Nellore, MD
Infectious Diseases Specialist
CEO - iDocsWeb