Texas QIPP

Is Your Telehealth Service QIPP Compliant?

Are you ready for Texas QIPP SFY2025? New Component 2 Telehealth compliance requirements will go into effect September 1, 2024. Widely used platforms such as VSee, Zoom, FaceTime, and Microsoft Teams may no longer be compliant to meet QIPP’s “in-person level of care”.

The good news is iDocsWeb already meets and exceeds the requirements!

iDocsWeb’s turn-key telehealth platform combined with available RN coverage allows subscribers to fully qualify for QIPP’s Component 2 additional staffing requirements. The iDocsWeb platform includes a proprietary QIPP Module built to fully comply with the state’s requirements. Monthly reports are automatically generated making reporting audits hassle free.

The deadline to comply is September 1, 2024. Is your telehealth provider ready?

Telehealth Compliance Requirement
Dedicated QIPP Module
iDocsWeb subscriptions include access to our proprietary QIPP Module. This module allows providers to be scheduled for Component 2 staffing hours. It will automatically calculate your coverage hours and produce reports of both coverage hours as well as encounter information based on the Texas QIPP guidelines.
8 Hours of RN (or Above) Coverage
Schedule your own QIPP RNs or choose from our Component 2 compliant coverage options including RNs, NPs, or MDs. This will allow your facility to collect the maximum the Component 2 additional staffing requirements.
Monthly QIPP Coverage Hours Report
Reports are generated on the 1st of each month which document the number of QIPP provider coverage hours. The reports then calculate the percentage of days you qualified for the mandated 8 hours to ensure you are above the 90% qualification threshold.
Monthly QIPP Encounters Report
Reports are generated on the 1st of each month which document the details of each QIPP encounter. Response time, provider type, completion status, as well as the number of patients treated are listed for each encounter.
Recorded Response Times
The iDocsWeb QIPP module automatically captures the duration of time between when the telemedicine request was sent and when the provider answers the request.
< 15 Minute Response Time
With an average response time of less than three minutes, iDocsWeb QIPP providers respond well within the allotted 15-minute response time limit. Facilities using their own QIPP coverage may use the included 15-minute countdown timer to guarantee they are in compliance.
Dedicated Provider Coverage
With iDocsWeb, there are no switchboards nor call centers. Dedicated provider coverage means facilities will know the name as well as mobile phone number of the on-call provider. Providers are assigned to specific facilities to assist in continuity of care.
Realtime Access to Resident's Medical History
iDocsWeb integrates with the industry leading EHRs allowing real-time access to the facility’s EHR from within the telemedicine platform. When a resident is treated via telemedicine, the provider’s note will automatically be sent to the facility’s EHR.
Realtime Access to Resident's Medication History
QIPP providers may access the resident’s full medication history from within the iDocsWeb platform.
Realtime Access to Resident's Lab + Pathology Reports
QIPP providers may access the resident’s Lab results as well as Pathology reports from within the iDocsWeb platform.
Patient Consent
iDocsWeb’s onboarding process ensures all residents have given consent to be treated via telehealth.