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Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the iDocsWeb application have been answered here.
If you have anymore questions, please feel free to contact us at support@idocsweb.com

This is a common misconception. Many vendors use "off the shelf" platforms and repurpose them for use in Long Term Care. These platforms were designed for different applications such as disaster relief, emergency rooms, and even prisons. This results in features you don’t need as well as missing features you do need.

iDocsWeb is different. Our platform was designed and built by us, from the ground up, specifically to address the needs of Long Term Care / Skilled Nursing Facilities. We are a group consisting of practicing physicians, IT veterans, and consultants from top 30 LTC’s. Our product is mature as well. We have spent the better part of a decade developing and then refining a platform with better care in mind - all the while maintaining unmatched ease of use!

Don’t take our word for it, schedule a demo today and see for yourself how iDocsWeb is different.

No problem- iDocsWeb allows doctors to choose if their patients are seen by our providers. This is automatically handled by our system. If an attending has not given his/her permission, their patients will be blocked from telemedicine consults.

With continuity of care in mind, iDocsWeb also not only allows but also encourages your attendings to participate in telemedicine. Nurses are able to consult with YOUR attending providers, NP’s, PA’s, DON’s, Adminis trators, and Specialists. We do not charge a user fee like many other telemedicine providers.

iDocsWeb automatically notifies the patient’s provider when medical treatment is provided. Providers, Administrators, as well as DON’s are automatically notified and provided the treatment details.

With iDocsWeb’s user friendly workflow, even a technology novice can learn in minutes. We have found even those who have never used telemedicine before are able to quickly and effectively administer a consultation with our platform. We also offer continued training any time it is needed.

iDocsWeb has partnered with the leading EMR/EHR vendors to offer maximum compatibility and integration. After or during each session, an electronic record is recorded including but not limited to: patient insurance information, assessment, treatment plan, ICD-10 & CPT codes, as well as an electronic signature.

Please Note: iDocsWeb does not physically store patient records. Our platform connects with your current EMR.

iDocsWeb’s cloud based web application means effective telemedicine can be administered using virtually any web enabled device. Many users choose to repurpose or dual purpose existing laptop charting and medication carts.

We offer coverage to fit virtually any needs as well as any budget! Our packages can be tailor made to YOUR needs and include but are not limited to RN support, NP’s, as well as Board - Certified MD’s. We can even assist in providing specialists for facilities with a lapse in coverage.

Yes. iDocsWeb offers a full behavioral health module including templates for Psychiatry as well as Psychology. We also offer behavioral health providers for those needing such services.

No. At iDocsWeb, we believe in a full telehealth ecosystem. Provider roles include but are not limited to: MD’s, NP’s, PA’s, RN’s, Social Workers, dieticians, hospice, as well as all specialties.

Yes! As of 2020, facilities as well as providers are able to bill for telemedicine consultations at in-person rates regardless of geographic location. Facilities are also able to collect a site origination fee.

Yes. The iDocsWeb platform includes everything needed to effectively bill for telemedicine encounters. We are also able to assist with billing policies and procedures.

Facilities are able to bill a site origination fee of approximately $26 per telemedicine encounter.

iDocsWeb also offers on-site nurses to facilitate telemedicine encounters with both board certified MD’s as well as NP’s meaning no staff disruption.

Yes. iDocsWeb Family Member was designed to allow family members or trusted contact persons to participate in the telemedicine sessions. Family members may also be contacted directly for meal plan, care plan, and discharge reviews. No registration is required.

Yes. We offer the ability to conference in multiple providers (not limited to any roles).

Yes. In fact, the majority of telemedicine sessions are currently taken via smart phone/tablet. Provider applications are available for both Android as well as Apple iOS.

iDocsWeb has proven to reduce hospitalizations 27% on average. We will work with your facility to ensure maximum value and unmatched quality of care.