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Unlike most other telemedicine vendors who use rebranded “off the shelf” technology, iDocsWeb was purpose built with one industry in mind- Long Term Care! Years of development and feedback from LTC professionals have sculpted the iDocsWeb platform into the treatment powerhouse it is today. We eliminated complicated/unnecessary features and added those that really make a difference- all the while maintaining unmatched ease of use!

EMR Integration

iDocsWeb is proud to offer integration with the leading Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. We offer full and partial integration with PointClickCare, Matrix, AHT, as well as others.

Easy to Use

iDocsWeb was built with ease of use in mind. Did you know consultation requests can be sent in under 1min? It’s that easy! This ease of use ensures limited staff disruption and minimal training requirements.

Cloud Based / Secure

Did you know iDocsWeb is fully cloud based? We do not physically store any patient information as data security is of the utmost importance. We are also fully HIPAA compliant!

Family Member Participation

iDocsWeb believes it is important to incorporate family members in the treatment plans of their loved ones. With iDocsWeb Family Member, approved family members may be invited to participate in the telemedicine consultations. This drastically reduces panic-driven rehospitalizations.

Advanced Reporting + Analytics

iDocsWeb offers industry leading reporting and analytics. Automated reports show how, when, and why telemedicine is being utilized in your facility. Our advanced analytics are capable of capturing the outcomes of each session as well which helps operators accurately calculate ROI. Our reporting features also offer real time alerts when telemedicine requests are sent meaning your clinical staff is always in the know.

Specialist Network

iDocsWeb offers access to our ever-growing network of Specialists. At zero cost, we can even add YOUR existing Specialists into our network. PCP’s are also able to invite a specialist to join consultations. This makes patient co-management more possible than ever!

Provider Centered Features

Incorporating a patient’s existing provider is an important part of proper care. iDocsWeb incorporates the existing providers every step of the way. Attending providers, NP’s, and PA’s are all given access to the iDocsWeb platform at zero extra charge. This gives the facility multiple options to maintain continuity of care.

Using the iDocsWeb Provider application, providers are given an array of response options to match the needs of their busy lifestyles. Response options, hot transfers to associated NP/PA’s, one-touch call back requests, and more ensure your providers are given the freedoms necessary for program compliance. Did you know providers using iDocsWeb have reported a REDUCTION in time needed for assessment vs a traditional phone call? That’s the power of iDocsWeb.

In the event that an iDocsWeb provider offers treatment, the patient’s provider is automatically notified and given the treatment plan.

Universal Compatibility

No special hardware required! iDocsWeb was designed specifically for LTC/SNF which means it needs to work with whatever hardware is available. Facilities are not required to purchase any proprietary equipment to utilize the platform as iDocsWeb works with ANY web enabled device. Facilities commonly repurpose or multipurpose laptop charting carts meaning there you likely already own what is needed.

iDocsWeb is also integrated into Nurse Rosie vitals carts. This means existing Nurse Rosie customers can access the platform with the click of an icon on the carts they already have!

Billing Integration

As billing guidelines continue to expand for telemedicine treatment, users of iDocsWeb will be happy to learn that we offer an integrated billing solution. Patient insurance information is retrieved from the facility EMR and included on every SOAP note created in the iDocsWeb platform.

Once completed, the coded encounter notes are electronically signed and can be securely sent to a biller with a single click. We’ve made converting traditional phone calls into billable encounters easy!

iDocsWeb Telecart

About us

iDocsWeb is not your average telemedicine company. Designed by doctors and refined by practicing LTC professionals, we have spent the last six years developing a product to specifically address the needs of Long Term Care / Skilled Nursing Facilities. Our goals align with your goals- provide better care, in-house, by creating an environment of treatment in place.

At iDocsWeb we understand the challenges faced by LTC professionals on a daily basis. We are here to help! Here are just a few reasons to consider iDocsWeb the leader in LTC telemedicine:

  • 80+% of encounters result in Treatment in Place.
  • Facilities report an average of 27% reduction in hospital readmissions.
  • Operators report a substantial increase in their nursing staff’s critical assessment skills.
  • MCO/ACO’s love us.
  • Unmatched clinical support- this is a company operated by practicing physicians and LTC professionals.
  • It doesn’t get any easier- our goal is ease of use while maintaining unmatched treatment power.
  • It’s only getting better- iDocsWeb continues to improve our product and services!!
Leadership Team
Dr. Suresh Nellore

Dr. Suresh Nellore


CEO and Founder

Dr. Bharath Rayasam

Dr. Bharath Rayasam


Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Anton Georgiev

Dr. Anton Georgiev


Chief Business Development Officer


Find out what real iDocsWeb users say about their experiences using the only telemedicine platform built specifically for LTC use. Join us as we continue to improve care by maximizing the treatment in place potential of every facility.

Our goals align with your goals- we want you to provide the best care possible by offering near immediate access to medical care. We know it isn’t easy, but we are here with you every step of the way, providing the best clinical support possible!

Video Testimonial


Did you know operators of the top 30 LTC’s are already utilizing iDocsWeb Telemedicine? We treat our customers like family as we continue to grow together. Whether you have a chain of 100+ or operate a single facility, we are here to help!

Here are just some of the operators currently utilizing the iDocsWeb Telemedicine Platform. Are you ready to join the iDocsWeb family?

Rising Star
senior care


iDocsWeb has partnered with the leaders in LTC technology and hardware to offer the best experience possible! Our near seamless integrations with the leading Electronic Medical Record Vendors coupled with the leader in LTC hardware provide the most comprehensive telehealth experience in the industry!

Would you like to partner with iDocsWeb? Please contact us and let us know how we can work together to improve Long Term Care.


Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the iDocsWeb application have been answered here. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to contact us at support@idocsweb.com

About iDocsWeb and Telemedicine
Telemedicine connects doctors with patients through the internet using chat, telephone or video-conferencing. The process pairs modern communication technology with the medicine, making healthcare more convenient and cost-effective.
iDocsWeb is a provider of telemedicine using a national network of Board Certified doctors to provide the highest quality health care around the clock every day of the year.
Telemedicine, including iDocsWeb, should not replace your primary care doctor for chronic conditions and routine health care. However, virtual medicine can take the place of a trip to urgent care or an unfamiliar out of town doctor for many illnesses. It also helps when the wait is simply too long or too inconvenient to see your regular physician, but your condition will not wait.

This is a common misconception. Many vendors use “off the shelf” platforms and repurpose them for use in Long Term Care. These platforms were designed for different applications such as disaster relief, emergency rooms, and even prisons. This results in features you don’t need as well as missing features you do need.

iDocsWeb is different. Our platform was designed and built by Physicians, who provide clinical services to LTCs us, from the ground up, specifically to address the needs of Long Term Care / Skilled Nursing Facilities. We also built integrations with all major EMRs to provide a seamless experience. Our product matured over the years and provides key features that you would love and don’t find anywhere else!

Don’t take our word for it, schedule a demo today and see for yourself how iDocsWeb is different.

No problem- iDocsWeb allows doctors to choose if their patients are seen by our providers. This is automatically handled by our system. If an attending has not given his/her consent, their patients will be blocked from telemedicine consults.

With continuity of care in mind, iDocsWeb also not only allows but also encourages your attendings to participate in telemedicine. Nurses are able to consult with YOUR attending providers, NP’s, PA’s, DON’s, Administrators, and Specialists. We do not charge a user fee like many other telemedicine providers.

iDocsWeb automatically notifies the patient’s provider when medical treatment is provided. Providers, Administrators, as well as DON’s are automatically notified and provided the treatment details.
NEVER use iDocsWeb or any telemedicine provider if you are experiencing a life or death medical emergency. In these situations, always dial 9-1-1 immediately.
Yes, iDocsWeb can be accessed on most mobile devices with an Internet connection.
With iDocsWeb’s user friendly workflow, even a technology novice can learn in minutes. We have found even those who have never used telemedicine before are able to quickly and effectively administer a consultation with our platform. We also offer continued training any time it is needed.
iDocsWeb has partnered with the leading EMR/EHR vendors to offer maximum compatibility and integration. After or during each session, an electronic record is recorded including but not limited to: patient insurance information, assessment, treatment plan, ICD-10 & CPT codes, as well as an electronic signature.

iDocsWeb’s cloud based web application means effective telemedicine can be administered using virtually any web enabled device. Many users choose to repurpose or dual purpose existing laptop charting and medication carts.

Does your facility use Nurse Rosie tablets or carts? If so, the iDocsWeb telemedicine portal is already incorporated in your existing hardware!

We offer coverage to fit virtually any needs as well as any budget! Our packages can be tailor made to YOUR needs and include but are not limited to RN support, NP’s, as well as MD’s. We can even assist in providing specialists for facilities with a lapse in coverage.
Frequently asked questions for Providers
Yes, we are all US Board Certified physicians licensed in various states to practice medicine. Our specialties range from family medicine to pediatrics to emergency medicine. Dr. Suresh Nellore, an Infectious Disease Specialist in St. Louis, operating the largest such practice in Missouri, founded iDocsWeb.
All our doctors are active, practicing physicians in the United States. They are Board Certified and fully credentialed under the NCQA guidelines, just like doctors at any medical clinic, urgent care facility or hospital. The iDocsWeb doctors pass background checks through the National Practitioner Databank and the American Medical Association before being considered for the iDocsWeb network. Each physician must follow accepted national standards for medical practice and receive regular reviews through our quality assurance/quality improvement process as mandated by NCQA.
Board Certification demonstrates a doctor’s expertise in a specialty or subspecialty of medicine beyond their basic medical license to practice.
The National Committee for Quality Assurance is a private not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare.
Currently we only offer English and Spanish speaking doctors.
You pay for your iDocsWeb visit just as you do any other doctor visit, regardless of the referrals they make elsewhere.

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